Arranging Living Room According to Fengshui

Arranging Living Room According to FengshuiYour living room is a mirror of harmony and happiness of your family. If your messy living room, but uncomfortable in view of the household, will also feature an impression as if your family is not good at set up home. Arranging the living room according to feng shui, not the origin of the beautiful view, as needed, but should be fine according to feng shui. Because if it is not appropriate or infringe feng shui, it’s possible your family will always get a misfortune, fortune is not smooth, sickly, and so on. Well, to arrange the room according to feng shui, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Install Mirror
Put a mirror in the living room, right in front of the entrance wall in the living room. So that every person who enters the doorway would be mirrored. The mirror is in addition to decorate the room, serves also as a repellent, blocking hexes if there is someone who intends evil to your family. If the mirror breaks, immediately to be replaced.

2. Landscape images
Usually in the living room in view of the image pairs. It is best to put up pictures of natural scenery with mountains and two rivers meet. Often times people used to put images of puppets in his living room. If you happen to put a picture of the mountains, look routed. For the wife’s family as the breadwinner, the mountains must be left-leaning.
Conversely, if the husband is earning a living, mountains must be in pairs leaning to the right. Do not install the piles perpendicular if not retired head of the family. This needs to launch a career and your business.

3. Floor Higher
Feng shui experts suggest, the living room floor as far as possible a higher appeal in the family room, but may be as high as the space behind the other. This is to make the lower floor family room, which is capable of inhibiting property in trust, in order to stay in the house.

4. Living Color
To paint the living room, depending on the element element homeowners. If you lack the element fire element, the most perfect pink paint your living room wall. If the lack of the element of metal elements, can paint the living room wall with white. The element element each person differently, depending on the date, month and year of birth. If you want to always be in harmony with your life partner, a lot of luck, the kids are always healthy, living room c atlah your home with color matching according to feng shui.


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